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The world of visual communication is changing by making projection brighter, bolder and more creative. The quality of technology and design adds unbelievable power to any kind of presentation. Whether it’s in school, gallery, office or hospital, you can rely on a level of 4K quality and consistency as they are built to excel in challenging environments. The availability of flexibility and reliability enables you to have the creative freedom to entertain and inspire while meeting the needs of your budget.

What Kingsfield Can Offer

Kingsfield can offer you the power to project images that brings the experience to life.

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Features of Projection

As mentioned before, projection has become brighter, bolder and more creative. This is due to, 4K enhancement technology, heat resistance, three-chip solid-state optical engine and excellent durability. More features can be found below:

Projection in education

Projection in Education

Enhance learning through flexibility and interactivity by creating a learning environment that meets the expectations of today’s learning through digital learning experiences. Kingsfield are able to offer interactive teaching solutions make it easy to display and edit a wide range of content by using finger-touch or dual pen interactivity. It enables teachers and children to come together to write, draw and add comments and answers directly onto the screen, as well as saving and sharing collaborative work. Advanced interactive teaching solution allows split-screen capabilities and ultra-wide multi screen interactivity, which encourages imagination and help children develop greater creativity. It’s Intuitive and easy to use for all teachers and students.


Physical Features

A large percentage of today’s children can’t read content 70-inch flat panel display screen. Using a bigger screen means greater readability wherever the position a person is in the room. Also, due to the content being able to be displayed onto any wall, it reduces reflections and glare from a shiny whiteboard.

Interactive Whiteboard

SMART Boards and SMART Notebooks

Create a dynamic classroom with a selection of interactive solutions such as, SMART Board (interactive whiteboards) and SMART Notebook (collaborative learning software). These solutions will enable teachers to have the support they need to create an outstanding classroom environment and to give their students the optimal learning experience.

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software allows teachers to quickly create and merge dynamic lesson content to bring out the very best in their students using integrated search functionality and interacting with their own pictures. Also, it enables teachers to collaborate in their learning experience and share ideas through tablets and mobile devices.

Why Integrate Projectors with SMART

lamp Configurator

Projector Lamps

Kingsfield are able to provide high-quality lamps that are safe, reliable and provide the best viewing experience. These are not non-genuine lamps, which are often poor quality in terms of light output and lifetime and they also pose a real threat due to overheating. Genuine Lamps are a part of the same technology as your high standard projector, allowing you to enjoy superior picture quality, value for money and lamp life, protect your warranty safeguard yourself against potential risks.

If you’re struggling to find the best lamp for you, try using our Lamp Configurator


How to Avoid Purchasing a Non-Genuine Lamp

As mentioned before, purchasing a non-genuine lamp can potentially pose a threat to your life due to the lamp overheating and causing a fire. Also, it creates poor quality in terms of light output and lifetime and you could potentially lose your warranty by using a non-genuine lamp. Below are a few things to ensure you buy a genuine lamp:

  • Ensure the chosen branded lamp is purchased by the brand’s official reseller or dealer (i.e. Kingsfield).
  • Order with confidence from approved resellers.
  • Beware of making purchases that are considerably lower than the RRP. Don’t be tempted by cheap deals that you know are too good to be true.
  • Check the packaging; there should be no spelling mistakes.


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